Jaipur Foot Trust

The Jaipur Foot Project was set by the Rotary Club of Nairobi South during the year 1990. An independent Board of Trustees of the Jaipur Foot Trust was registered to manage the project [ More ]

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Jaipur Foot Trust Profile
The Project is managed by a committed Board of Trustees which is made of the following prominent personalities:-
Mr. Rasik Kandaria - Chairman. Leading personality within Banking Industry and the Chairman of Prime Bank
Mr.Prem  Gidoomal - Treasurer. Leading personality within Banking industry and the Chairman of Giro Bank
Mrs.  IIIa  Devan - Secretary.   Bussiness Woman.
Mr.  Kundan  Doshi - Prominent businessman and Director of Doshi Group of Companies
Mrs.  Rustan Hira - Senior  lawyer
Mrs  Ushaben  Raja - Business  Woman.